Friday, July 11, 2008


My son emailed me yesterday about this story he had just seen about the latest verbal gaffe--no, that's too mild; how about--public display of idiocy by the leader of the free world, our Moron/Embarrassment-in-Chief, our president "The Decider" had just uttered before the world. At the closing session of the G-8 meeting in Japan, Bush signed off to his fellow leaders with a jovial "Goodbye from the world's biggest polluter." Apparently he also rendered a hearty fist pump in the air to accompany it. Our president was making a little joke, you see.

I can only imagine what must have gone through the minds of the other sophisticated leaders of the world's top economies. I imagine it would have been a variation on "What a blithering idiot!" How could anyone with a grain of sense react otherwise? The bloggers have had a field day with this, of course. But as one of them, an Australian, commented: "I get the feeling that we haven't yet heard one zillionth of the stories about all the stupid crap he's done. They'll dribble out slowly over the next decade." No doubt . . . we're going to have George W. Bush to kick around for years.

Well, words absolutely fail me. I remember quoting in my book one southerner in 1857 who was beside himself with rage at President Buchanan. "What more," he wrote to
Alexander Stephens, "can I say to hold this man up to your execration?" Indeed. I say the same about Bush. I cannot imagine what more this miserable little pretender in the White House can do or say to embarrass himself and this country. You can't make this kind of stuff up. Unfortunately, we haven't heard the last from him. You can be sure he'll utter a few more such imbecilic statements before he's through. What a blithering idiot he is.
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