Thursday, July 17, 2008

Aw Right Rangers!

I cannot let baseball's All-Star Game slip too far into the past before noting that all four Texas Ranger all-stars contributed to the American League's 15-inning 4-3 win two nights ago in Yankee Stadium. I gave up watching the game years ago. It's an exhibition game in the middle of summer, that's all. Nonetheless, I'm proud of the Rangers who made and delighted they contributed substantially. Ranger Michael Young, whom I would argue is the best shortstop in the game right now, won it with a sac fly as the game approached the 5-hour mark. Here's the full box score. And here's how the Rangers looked.

M Young SS4011021.250
J Hamilton CF-LF3010011.333
M Bradley DH2000101.000
I Kinsler PR-2B5010013.200

Individual Batting:
Doubles: J Morneau (1), E Longoria (1), C Guillen (1)
Home runs: J Drew (1, 7th inning off E Volquez with 1 on, 2 outs)
RBI: E Longoria (1), M Young (1), J Drew 2 (2)
Sacrifice flies: M Young (1)
Grounded into double play: D Jeter (1)
Left in scoring position: J Morneau (3), A Rodriguez (1), K Youkilis (1), E Longoria (2), I Kinsler (2), D Pedroia (1), D Navarro (1), J Hamilton (1), I Suzuki (1), G Sizemore (2), D Jeter (1), C Quentin (3), M Bradley (1)

Base Running:
Stolen bases: I Kinsler (1), J Hamilton (1), J Drew (1), G Sizemore (1), D Jeter (1), M Bradley (1)
Caught stealing: I Kinsler (1 for season)

Errors: D Navarro (1)
Double plays: 2: (#1: D Navarro, I Kinsler), (#2: I Kinsler, M Young, J Morneau)

I should also mention that Ranger Josh Hamilton, one of the purest natural ballplayers to ever play for my team, was an absolute monster in the home run derby on Monday night.
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