Thursday, July 24, 2008

Isn't This Interesting?

Interesting, indeed. And now we know why the GOP is always for drilling, extracting, mining, or gathering whatever it is that's helping kill the planet. It's for their own energy-bloated selves. (Of course, I'm not excusing the rest of us addicted consumers, just trying to add perspective.)

Sorry about the quality of this chart, but I think you'll be able to make it out. If not the graph lines top to bottom, blue to violet, are labeled: Republican states, US average, Democratic states, and California. The x axis is a timeline from 1960 to 2003; the y-axis is number of KWh per person in thousands. What it all means, the bottom line--well, in the graph, the top line--is that the people in the red states are energy hogs.

Let me post the source of this data before I forget:

Sources: [10426] Electricity Consumption per Person- Republican states; [10427] Electricity Consumption per Person- US average; [10428] Electricity Consumption per Person- Democratic states; [10429] Electricity Consumption per Person- California
All: California Energy Commission; The Economist, 1/27/07 -

I found this chart on a fascinating web site called "Data 360." You can go there and find out all kinds of interesting stuff like, for example, that U.S. voters would be much more likely to vote for a homosexual (55%) than an atheist (44%) for president. Odds have gotten considerably better for everybody including Catholics, Jews, blacks, and women over the years. But I would imagine that if you're a black lesbian who doesn't believe in God, you wouldn't have much of chance of becoming president for a few decades yet.
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