Thursday, June 5, 2014

What Else is New?

. . . in the land of the free and the home of the brave? Nothing really. Another report of a shooting on a college campus. One dead, two seriously hurt. The news doesn't even shock us anymore. What was it they said after the recent killings--was it 7 or 8 dead?--near the campus of UC Santa Barbara--not one more! Well, here is one more and you can be certain this one will be joined by a whole bunch more before the year is over.

I'm typing this on Friday (full disclosure: I sometimes backdate the blog entries), and the big news is that the shooter in Seattle had a history of mental illness. I am really beginning to catch the drift of the coverage of these events now. The NRA line: the problem is not guns, it's all the mentally deranged in society who are not getting treatment. As if the NRA cares! If crazy people didn't have painless access to guns, which is just what the NRA wants and fights to preserve, we wouldn't have so many crazy people shooting others dead everywhere just because they feel like it. Not one more indeed. This is just one more story in the never-ending story of this insane culture.
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