Monday, June 9, 2014

Sounds Just to Me

Read this story. Lemme give you the bare bones outline of it. Married man repeatedly sexually abuses his step-daughter for four years, starting when she is 12 years old. He goes to trial for the crimes and is sentenced. That's what this story is about. Now, without knowing another thing about it except that the defendant took a plea, what do you think the judge's sentence was? Most of you, I would hope, would think such a crime, even plea-bargained, would rate at least 10 years in jail. We're talking pedophilia here of the most loathsome kind.

Ten years, you say? You fool. What you don't know in this case are some salient details that change everything about justice for this beastly crime. The defendant was one Samuel Curtis Johnson III, a Wisconsin billionaire. Originally charged with a felony (sexual assualt on a minor) for his deeds, he ended up getting the charges reduced to a misdemeanor (fourth-degree sexual assault and disorderly conduct) after two trips to the state supreme court. And the judge, who cited the importance of the Johnson family in the community, sentenced him to four months in jail. He will be eligible to get out after two months.

You will please forgive me for not launching into a rant about the obvious here.
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