Monday, June 2, 2014


I love all my brother-in-laws. But the one of them who is closest to me in age is special. That would be Lenny Brzycki from Chicago. He's married to my sister Mary Isabelle and they live in Salt Lake City. I could write a whole bunch of blogs about Lenny, but for the nonce what's essential is that you know he is a fanatical hunter and that he has children by a previous marriage, a daughter and a son. His son David is also an avid hunter, and he and Lenny once a year go hunting together. They have a very close relationship.

Here's what happened on Sunday. (This story is simply the bare bones.) A grizzly bear attacked David in the woods of southwestern Montana, and the horrific injuries inflicted upon him were near fatal. His face was mauled, both arms broken, left hand mauled. Only by the dint of heroic effort did Lenny manage to get his boy out of the woods and to hospital. He's now in Seattle hospital, after being med-evaced there by aircraft. Lenny had to drive all the way from Montana in his truck to be with him. Oh, how my heart aches for him. If you believe in prayer, as I do, please hold David, Lenny, and all the family up to the mercy of God in this terrible time.

Update I: David underwent extensive surgery on Monday, is stable in ICU, and faces months and months of restorative surgery yet. He is lucky to have survived. Many of the family members from around the country are up at the hospital. I had an extensive conversation with my sis last night (Tuesday).

Update II: David has had to be given injections for rabies and the feeding tube he's been on now pipes directly to his stomach. He's got more reconstructive surgery next Thursday, the 12th.
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