Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Are You Ready for This? The Stones at Fifty Years

Rock 'n Roll will never die--but it will get damned ancient-looking.
From every indication I've seen, the Stones just blew them away in London a couple of nights ago. I think they have one more show there and then three in the New York City area. Here is one of the many stories. Looks like they had a great lineup of songs, including one new one. And just in case you're in a mood to remember the greatest of the Stone's albums over fifty years, this list from Rolling Stone should get you started. And are you ready for this? You can listen each one of these fantastic albums via Spotify from right on the list page. Check out some of the early bluesy stuff. Man, these guys can kick it.

One more thing . . . are you ready for this? The average age of the Rolling Stones is higher than that of the US Supreme Court by a about a year and a half. You can look it up.

And if you're tempted to just O.D. on the Stones, Rolling Stone (the magazine) has a massive retrospective of what must be every story they ever did on the band for fifty years. You can find that right here.

Can't quit without just a little taste. This song is one you never hear played, but it's one of my most favorites. It's called "100 Years Ago" from the album "Goat's Head Soup," a great, but underrated album. That's Mick Taylor on the fabulous guitar work, a guy who never got enough credit in the band. He was superb.

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