Thursday, November 8, 2012

Some Thoughts about the Election

Just some random mental ramblings about the election just completed. No pretense of any kind of organization or import. Just mind droppings.
  • It did not turn out to be that close after all, did it? Obama won this election handily and going away.
  • Indiana going red was no surprise at all. Indiana electing a Democratic senator was no surprise either given the idiot Mourdock that the Republicans ran.
  • North Carolina was other other blue state in 2008 that went red this time. No surprise there either.
  • Obama has got every reason in the world to dig in his heels now and crack the whip with the Republicans. But he's going to be conciliatory. I think a lot of the left would rather he not be.
  • What were they called? . . . Battleground states? Well, it turns out that Obama captured all but one: North Carolina. All the rest: New Hampshire, Virginia, Ohio, Wisconsin, Colorado, Nevada, Iowa, Florida went for the president. Might be forgetting one.
  • Three states in the Union were entirely red, without a single county going for Obama. They would be Utah, West Virginia, and this mecca of bubbas I live in, Oklahoma.
  • These were balanced, actually surpassed, by four states that went entirely blue, every county for Obama: Rhode Island, Vermont, Masachusetts, and way, way west, Hawaii
  • Hooray for forces of sanity in Washington and Colorado that approved the legalization of marijuana. Here's hoping that opens the gates on the question . . . 
  • Democrats were supposed to shed seats in Senate; they gained a couple.
  • Elizabeth Warren, a good old Oklahoma girl, is going to be a great friend of regular people in the U.S. Senate. The best endorsement possible for her is that the banks hate her guts.
  • Florida still ain't officially called yet. Still counting votes. Some people there didn't vote until after midnight on Tuesday . . . when Mittens had already conceded. Obama has a solid lead there.
  •  New Mexico has become a reliably blue state because of Hispanics. It won't be too many more cycles before Texas is the same way.
  • Women, blacks, Hispanics, young people: all for Obama by large margins. The Republicans appeal to old white guys, white guys generally, rich people, and religious nuts. Who would you bet on as the future of the country?
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