Thursday, November 1, 2012

I Live in an Idiot State

Which is not to say I'm in a state of idiocy, although one could easily be driven to that condition living among such a high quotient of bubba dingbats, in a state that is redder than a boiled crawfish, run by a legislature that . . . . Well, I put the question to you. What does it say about your state when a solid majority, not a razor thin one, votes to allow people to walk around openly armed?

For today is the day -- TA DA! -- that Bubbas in the state of Oklahoma get to carry their guns around in plain sight on their persons in either a holster or a sling. Here's the New York Times story about it. I will let you know the first time I encounter this phenomenon.

There is a large list of places you will not be allowed to openly carry your weapon, but all these people will have gun licenses for concealed carry as well, so the rest of us will still be surrounded by gun-totin' ninnies. Here's the list of places you cannot openly carry a handgun in Oklahoma. And here is the source. There's a lot of other information about the law there, so if you're really interested, you can check it out. Me? I'm not interested at all.

• Any business that displays any type of sign prohibiting firearms.
• All City, State, and Federal buildings.
• All elementary and secondary school properties.
• On a school bus.
• Any establishment where beer and alcohol is consumed if the sale of beer or alcohol constitutes the establishment's primary source of income.
• Any place where pari-mutual wagering is authorized.
• A sports arena during any professional sporting event.
• A meeting of almost any governmental entity or legislative member.
• Any jail, prison, or detention facility.
• Any structure, building, or office space owned or leased by a city, state or
federal government for the purpose of conducting business with the public.
• In a courthouse.
• Any other place specifically prohibited by law.

Now just think of all the places that aren't on this list . . . I don't see churches, do you? Or movies? Or non-governmental office buildings? Or restaurants? Or shops and stores? Or public parks? Etc., etc., etc.

I feel safer already.
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