Friday, November 9, 2012

And Yet a Final Word on Mittens

He's goodbye forever now, he and his boring prevaricating self plus his phony, vapid wife can both drift off to their palaces in four locations and hobnob with their like-minded contemporaries. They are all as rich as Croesus, so they don't have anything in the world to worry about. But the rest of us have at least some small pleasure to enjoy. Romney won't ever waste our time again. (But don't worry, after a decent wait, the Republicans will doubtless find somebody equally as irrelevant and clueless to lead the party.)

I could not bid final farewell to Mittens without sharing this little thumbnail character portrait of him from James Kuntsler. (The URL for his piece is listed in the additional reading below.) Good stuff to remind us of how blessed we all are that this man did not become president of the United States.
I just don't like Mitt Romney. He's the over-eager twerp in the classroom with his arm always sticking up. He's the missionary bozo in a necktie ringing your doorbell to sell a fairy-tale cult religion dreamed up in the 1820s by another over-eager con artist. He's obviously using the national stage to work out his father issues (George Romney ran for president in 1968, blundering his way out of the race early on). He shamelessly panders to the worst elements of his own party - the ignorant, militaristic, punitive-minded Nascar evangelicals - and dissembles so automatically that there is nothing left of whatever core beliefs he might have theoretically developed earlier in his career. He's too chicken to engage with the realities of climate change, so visibly on display this season. He's spoiling to rumble with China, apparently oblivious to the fact that China's leader-in-waiting, Xi Jingping, is an army brat.
It's utterly amazing to me how such a person could get anybody's endorsement, but just a week ago we were actually wondering if somehow this loser would win the election. It didn't seem impossible at the time, although it does now.
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