Sunday, September 9, 2012

I Do Believe . . .

. . . that aside from times of long trips, this is the longest I've gone since I began blogging without an entry. For those half dozen or so of you who regularly read my stuff, don't worry, I'm back and I don't plan on going anywhere. But I have really been sick. I think I mentioned the family wedding we had to attend in Houston. That took place last Sunday, but the trip down there began on Friday. The wedding was quite enjoyable, the best part, of course, being with so many members of the family who we get to see so infrequently. Especially, the young people, all my kids' cousins. If there was one big disappointment in the whole thing, it was that my two sons could not be at the wedding. Every time there's a big family event like this, people ask after them.

But of course they've got busy lives, and I can understand why it's difficult to get away . . . and they, like everybody else, has to prioritize travel. Which is why the prospect of spending time with my son Stu this coming week is such a great thrill. Those guys are just too damn far away. Tanya is three miles away, and I don't see her or hear from her often enough. The boys are half a continent away.

Man, was I sick. Susan says she has never seen me that sick . . . and we've been married 45 years. That's a pretty long time and a pretty good indication of just how lousy sick I was. I had some fever, but mostly diarrhea--four days of it--cramps, a beat-down feeling of no energy at all, and no appetite. It was awful.

However, I'm well again, and I intend to be writing. Stay tuned.
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