Tuesday, July 24, 2012

What We Hate about the Net

This is pretty accurate for me. I've gotten a lot better about wasting my time on the Internet. Don't spend nearly the time that I used to, although you probably couldn't get my spouse to agree with you.You can really piss away a lot worthy time in front of computer screens, as I'm sure you know. Remember when the Internet was first around. In those first few years, we were reading a lot of stuff about "Internet addiction." And self-help pieces about how to avoid getting hooked. Well, I don't think we succeeded very well, do you? Look out in a crowd sometimes and see how many people are messing with their smart phones. All that is Internet, except for the very few who are actually involved in phone calls.

I find it encouraging that the number one complaint is "untrustworthy information." But I wonder where all of these citizens for accurate information are? I haven't met many of them. The last four reasons at the end of the graphic are interesting. The last two are obviously porn-related. But I wonder about "damage to credibility." Are we talking about people publicly citing the Net with some of that untrustworthy information? And I have to confess I'm a bit baffled by the "unfamiliar forums." Anybody have any idea what that means? Obviously, there are going to be forums that aren't familiar . . . . but why should that be a complaint for almost half the people?
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