Friday, July 20, 2012


"Tragedy." That's the standard issue word for mass murder in the United States. It applies to situations where usually more than two people (could be family members or total strangers) on up get murdered by some nut with a gun who takes it into his or her mind to just kill a bunch of strangers. In this latest case we have some asshole armed with an AR-15, which is an assault weapon, a .40mm Glock, and a 12-gauge shotgun who walks into a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado, and kills 12 people and wounds 60 more.* Within in minutes he is apprehended by the cops behind the theater. No further information at this time. Nothing but the standard guy-who-knows-him comment. You know this one: never said anything to anybody, quiet, kept to himself.

And all over they're lamenting the latest "tragedy." The whole thing makes me frigging crazy. Obama and Romney both mouthed the proper platitudes we're all familiar with invoking God, of course, and talking about how such events help teach us what's "important" . . . but nary a word about what can be done to attack this problem of assholes with guns blowing people away every few weeks in this country. What can be done of course is perfectly obvious. Pass laws to control the sale of guns, the possession of guns. Pass laws to restrict both. Severely restrict both. But in this country, you might as well be advocating the ritual sacrifice of babies. In fact, that proposal would probably have a better chance of passage than laws that would keep guns out of the hands of assholes, nutcases, and pathological killers.

Neither of the parties in this country have the balls to deal with this question of gun-toting killers plying their trade on innocent people every few weeks. They are too afraid of the NRA lobby. In different ways. The Republicans are afraid because they are ideologically owned by the NRA. They are totally sold by the notion that gun ownership is connected with "freedom" as closely as umbilicals connect navels to mamas. It's a crock, of course, but "freedom" is a magic word in the US of A. We will kill anybody for "freedom" at the drop of a hat. Republicans are too afraid to admit they preach a crock of nonsense every time they open their yaps about guns and "freedom." There are numerous other nations on earth who have freedoms galore while also living with laws that control the possession and ownership of guns. This is a despicable attitude of course.

But the craven terror of the Democrats to confront the issue, although it screams in their faces, because they would as soon upset the NRA as swallow razor blades . . . well, this is more despicable. Democrats will not stand up for what is right because they are terrified of the gun lobby's political heft. The Democrats stand around and let these murders go on and on, and they don't lift their voices or fingers to do anything about it. A pox on these people. Really. What a sorry bunch of cowards.

So we have a bunch of dead bodies in movie theater in Colorado. Tragedy. Don't worry. Soon as we get these cleaned up and buried, some nut job will produce another collection of dead bodies somewhere else. Another tragedy.

*Latest reports say 58 were injured, 11 are critical.
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