Monday, July 2, 2012

So . . . No (An As-Promised Entry)

So, no, I don't like (a partial list):
  • Editing work from people who cannot follow directions about the correct footnote and bibliography form to follow for this or that publisher, people who often have advanced degrees and should know better
  • Sweet potatoes, turnips, broccoli, sushi, liver, lite beer
  • Getting behind on the blog
  • The New York Yankees and anything connected with them 
  • Emptying the sink of dirty dishes four or five times a day
  • Cleaning up vomit, human, canine, feline . . . any kind
  • Being so hopelessly behind on reading magazines that I will never catch up
  • Car troubles
  • Leaky fountain pens
  • Losing my glasses
  • Being ignored
  • Lame stream news channels, i.e., shallow, empty-headed, uncritical, and worthless
  • Answering the house phone after running through the house to catch it, and the caller rings off
  • Folding clothes
  • My own clumsiness--dropping stuff, etc.--another of the blessings of aging 
  • Religious zealots and self-righteous prigs
  • Empty TP rolls because the last person there didn't replenish
  • Calling Susan's cell phone when she's gone and hearing it ring in the house
  • Being told to hurry up when I'm going as fast as I can
  • Having no clue about what to write about when I sit down to blog
  • Lack of will power when it comes to pushing away from the table
  • Clutter and disorder just about anywhere in my house, including the garage, pantry, attic, and closets
  • Bullshitters, liars of all stripes, know-it-alls, bigots
  • Dancehall reggae
  • Militarism and spread-eagle "patriotism" (to include the increasingly para-military character of the police)
As was intimated at the beginning, I probably could list more, and will probably think of several more whenever I see this list.
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