Saturday, July 21, 2012

Infographic on Civil War Battles

This is a nice summation of information about Civil War battles. It's too big for me to post here . . . at least in a size that is readable to you, but this is really a good aid to understanding very quickly what a horrifying loss of life it entailed. A couple of things recommend this graphic: it clearly graphs the battles by name and casualties. Plus it's got a lot of other information jammed into a little space.

Sorry if this is not your thing. It's mine, and I'm always pointing out to people just how far superior we are at killing each other than we ever have been with external enemies.

On a related subject: I've just discovered Pinterest. Actually, I had discovered it before, but it never took just how useful it could be. For example, a place to stash all the graphics, maps, and photos I use for my historical work. A place to put all of the visual stuff that I put up here on the blog. (Yes, I really wish I could remember where I put that stuff, because I do indeed go looking for it again on occasion. And a place to stash all the interesting illustrations, pieces of art, photos of anything and everything that strikes my fancy. Some day down the line, I'll point you to my Pinterest site, but there's no point in your going there now because there's hardly anything on it.
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