Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A Fatuous, Unoriginal Hack . . . a Genuinely Repugnant Human Being, a Grasping Corporate Hypocrite

Wow. That's some indictment. I would have never put it that way, but I wish I could have. This is Matt Taibbi talking about our friend Mitt Romney, who you may have heard, is running for president of the USA. Personally I don't think it will make the slightest bit of difference who gets elected in November if we're thinking about arresting this country's slide into terminal irrelevance and ugly decline. It's just a matter of the speed with which this will happen.

Like me, Taibbi was baffled by Romney's appearance before the NAACP convention, especially since the man had nothing whatever new or healing to say, plus he appeared and sounded even more calculating and boring than usual, and that's saying something. "He came out with the same half-assed, platitude-filled stump speech he usually doles out at campaign stops, literally the same exact speech, only he added quotes from Frederick Douglass, Benjamin Hooks, and Dr. King." Read the Taibbi piece. It won't matter, really, if you don't, but this is just more evidence of what a two-faced, evil charlatan this guy really is.
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