Friday, June 8, 2012

No Thanks for Your Service

Regulars here know how I detest the fawning over the military that apparently has become obligatory now in the USofA. They are not soldiers anymore. They are all "heroes." I never could quite figure what is up with that . . . Webster's doesn't seem to bear out this description. In one case we have "an illustrious warrior." Well, OK. We probably have a few illustrious warriors among these guys and gals in uniform. Just like we have a few illustrious ballplayers, truck drivers, authors, and artists. The rest are ordinary. What about other definitions? The only other that could be meant here is "an object of extreme admiration or devotion." Okay. This is closer to it. These people are such objects . . . why is the question I have. Because apparently they wear a uniform and have been sent off halfway around the world to fight our trumped up wars in the Middle East. Why all the fawning over these people?

Well it's yet another sign of the steady descent of our country into proto-fascism where the military and military trappings and nationalistic displays and spread-eagle patriotism is what substitutes for thinking seriously about what we're doing.

So it's in this vein that I read with pleasure yesterday this piece by a former Marine that began thusly:
I do not want to appear disrespectful or ungrateful, but should we meet on the street one day, do say "Hello," or "Fine day" or other such nicety, but please do not thank me for "my service" as a United States Marine. I make this request because my service, as you refer to it, was basically, either to train to become a killer or to actually kill people and blow shit up.
He goes on to say why he feels this way. You can read the piece, but any thinking person knows what he says. It boils down to being ashamed. Ashamed of stuff he did, ashamed of what he once thought, and ashamed of what his country is doing.

I'd like to meet this guy and shake his hand.
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