Saturday, June 9, 2012

And While We're on the Subject . . .

We All Love Him: Why?
. . . of our worship of the military, here comes one of the military gods in chief with a book that will doubtless sell hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of copies and further enrich another of that privileged class who don't pay enough taxes. There's his sainted countenance on the cover of the book in question. I will never read it, of course, because ever since the Vietnam War I have know that Colin Powell is a snake. He was directly in the chain of command that covered up the My Lai massacre in that despicable war. Do we really need to say any more about him? His hands are as bloody as any in that murderous platoon that blew all those innocent people away.

But this is the sort of thing, this engagement in war crmes, that fades quickly into the mist when you talk about figures lionized for their probity and honor. Powell has toted both around on his four-star, secretary of state shoulders like a birthright for lo, these many years.

This piece doesn't talk about Vietnam for Powell; it talks mostly about Powell as secretary of state and the infamous speech before the U.N. which justified the heinous war we launched against Iraq in 2003. But it's the same guy who lied through his teeth throughout his career. He's the kind of guy Americans just fall over themselves to worship.
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