Monday, April 9, 2012

Not Well Known, To Say the Least

Here's another thing I'm shameless purloining from my friend Montag's blog. Just some background. Amidst the various and sundry shrieks about the health care law, in addition to "government takeover," "medical decisions by Washington bureaucrat," and etc., you are bound to get some variation on the theme of "rationing." That is, some "faceless bureaucrat" or group of them deciding who gets medical care and who doesn't. Oh, the cries to heaven about this from the Right! Well, what would all those bleeding hearts have to say about one of their heroes if they knew this.

Check this out. Here's the meat of it.
Since 1999, Texas has given hospital "ethics panels" the authority to end care even if the patient or family wants to continue.
It's called the Texas Futile Care Law. The Texas Senate bill passed in 1999.
Back then, the Senate's presiding officer was Lt. Gov. Rick Perry.
Yes, the governor who says, "I always stand by the side of life."
Read the whole story. Hypocritical bastard.
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