Wednesday, April 4, 2012

And Another Thing about This Florida Killing

I wrote the other day about the February 26 murder of a black teenager by an over-zealous Neighborhood Watch guy named George Zimmerman. The story has only gained much more national traction since then. It's been on the news and on the radar for millions of people ever since the story broke. There's been enough ink spilled on the killing of Trayvon Martin in Sanford, FL to float a good sized ocean liner. We have heard about racism, community protest, more than we ever want to know about Zimmerman, minute dissection of the 911 recordings, plus all kinds of ancillary stories about the town, the neighborhood, etc. But one thing you haven't heard diddly about is guns. Because of course it was a handgun that killed this boy. It's just taken as a given that a weirdo such as Zimmerman, who appointed himself a one-man protection squad for the neighborhood, should be allowed to pack heat while he was playing at being a cop. Nobody in authority talks about guns because everybody is terrified of the NRA. The NRA has written the gun laws for this society. Which is to say, laws that don't stifle even queer ducks like Zimmerman from getting a gun and riding around with it in his SUV, hoping against hope that he gets to use it on some "punk."*

*Audio experts have determined that this is how he referred to the kid he was following a few minutes before he put a bullet in this chest and took his life.
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