Monday, April 2, 2012

The Arch-Moron

You know it was a slow news day when one of the stories the PBS News Hour spent time on was the GOP Wisconsin primary which will be held tomorrow. As if a) anyone cared, and b) it were important. Look, Romney, the wooden man, has this thing in the bag. Santorum cannot assemble enough insane religious fanatics to sway things. And numbers of Republican luminaries are stepping up and saying, Mitt is our boy, let's get behind him. But they sure as hell aren't doing it with a lot of enthusiasm. It's obvious why. Mitt Romney is about as exciting as reading a telephone book. James Kuntsler, in an excellent piece on the permanence of bad times, calls Romney the arch-moron, such a wonderfully descriptive term that methinks I'll be adopting it myself since it's apparent he's bound to come up in conversation over the next few months.

Frank Rich did a piece a while back called "Why Romney is So Ripe for Parody" that makes it perfectly clear why, if this arch-moron ever attains the presidency, comedy will be at least one growth industry. I commend it to you. As for myself, I cannot imagine that the country would turn Obama out for such a stultifying dud. But I could very easily be overlooking the depth of the hatred the Republicans have for the president. That's so deep and vicious, it might even be able to overcome running an arch-moron for president.
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