Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Couple of Random Thoughts

A couple of thoughts trickled through my mind today, for what reason I know not. First, I had to make one of my extremely infrequent trips to Wal-mart (or the mart of darkness, as I refer to it). I don't have to rehearse, do I, the reasons why I find going there a repulsive experience? And to all the usual reasons you can add the fact that it was beastly hot in Oklahoma today. Over 100. Not fit weather for man or beast to be out in. (In fact, although I usually--almost always take Prozac, the Boston Terrier, with me whenever I go somewhere in the car, I left her home on purpose. I wasn't about to leave her locked in the car in such heat.) Anyway, I was uncommonly aware of all the Wal-mart employees I saw today. And I could not get out of my mind the fact that these poor wretches probably could't get any other kind of job--and even so, are better off than millions of other people who can't find any kind of job in an economy even more wretched than working at Wal-mart. I thought about how fortunate I am and my kids are . . . And how sorry I am for all the victims of soulless American capitalism.

And second, the remarkable fact that tomorrow I will have been married to Susan for 45(!) years. I've been married to her my entire life, really, because I truly knew nothing about what's important before this event. And she has been my life: I could not have gotten this far without her. I have never net another person so inherently good. That I should be so blessed as to have this person love me for all those years and be the mother of my children . . . well, that's just miraculous.
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