Thursday, June 2, 2011

You Will Be Delighted to Learn

That the outbreak of sickness and more than several deaths in Europe and being attributed to food-consumption is being caused by what is described as a "an unusually virulent strain of E. coli that scientists haven't seen before and that may be dramatically more dangerous." This bug is more brutal than previous strains because it attacks the blood in such away that it induces renal failure.

I heard about this on NPR yesterday and today I read that they still haven't pinpointed the source. Apparently the killer bug is being transmitted on fresh vegetables: cucumbers, tomatoes, and lettuce. 

All the healthy foods, you will note. So consider the irony that people who are trying to eat healthy are much more likely to contract a death-dealing illness from their "healthy" food.

E coli . . . nasty looking little sucker, no?

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