Thursday, June 16, 2011

A List

Things I find hateful:

  • broccoli
  • hyper-patriotism
  • roaches
  • people who abuse sales clerks and waiters/waitresses
  • the New York Yankees
  • being clumsy
  • watching the Texas Rangers or LSU Tigers lose (especially to the New York Yankees and Alabama or Florida, respectively)
  • incomprehensible poetry
  • hypocrisy
    • political
    • religious
    • moral
  • the idea of Wal-mart
  • Wall Street fat cats
  • wildlife poachers
  • all varieties of people and institutions that despoil the environment
  • liars generally
  • boredom
  • being hurried up when I'm already hurrying
  • people who blather on the telephone
  • Fox News
  • vincible ignorance about ordinary stuff
  • militarism and racism
  • sweet potatoes
  • knowing that I will never, ever be caught up on reading
  • sex traffickers 
  • the entire airport/air travel experience
  • people who are cruel to animals
  • waiting somewhere with nothing to read
  • anti-immigrant nut cases
  • knowing that I've left probably half a dozen things off this list
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