Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Reason I Read Taibbi

. . . is because he writes stuff like this. (Someone had written him that he thought Obama had done all he could on health care, the healthcare interests would have never let him do anything more, yadda, yadda.)
As for Obama, I just disagree that he did all he could, in health care or elsewhere. I just don't fall for the storyline that deep down inside he wants to do all these wonderful progressive things, but is halted by political circumstance. The evidence doesn't support the idea that he actually wants these things, deep down. The evidence does, however, support the idea that he has very effectively marketed himself to progressives as someone who secretly sympathizes with progressives. I have conflicting feelings about Obama, and think there is some good in him still, but I've given up the idea that he could be a champion for any kind of real reform of anything.
Seriously, I could not have said this any better myself. Maybe I differ with Taibbi to this extent. I don't have any conflicting feelings about Obama anymore. I've written him off as just another corporate tool. Oh, I guess there may be some good in him still. But that's as far as I go.
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