Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I'm Sick of It

It makes me want to puke. Really. The utterly shameless hypocrisy, the blatantly self-serving bullshit that spews daily from that horde of Republicans in the House. Aren't you just sick to death of their unceasing drumbeat about cutting spending? As if the eight years under George Bush Aren't you tired of hearing that consummate corporate tool John Boehner saying "the American people" every other sentence? As if he and his partymates give a hoot about the American people, and even more as if the will of the Republican party were the will of the "American people." I don't know what these guys do in their caucus other than dream up their talking points and stock phrases for the next week or two. You've heard 'em: "Obamacare" is one; "out of control spending" another. And the eternal baying about cutting spending, which of course is why the American people sent them to Washington.

You've heard all about the rescue bill that passed today to keep the government operating for another two weeks. It embodies over $4 billion worth of cuts to the budget, something the Democrats could agree to. But the House wants $61 billion in cuts made in the next seven months. That ain't gonna happen. Democrats in the Senate (and elsewhere) consider this far too deep. So we're going to see just what these crazed Tea Party people are going to do about that.

But here's something that didn't make mainstream news. The House Republicans, all of them, also voted down a Democratic motion to recommit the spending bill that would have stripped the oil companies of all their government subsidies. That would have saved the taxpayers billions and billions of dollars. Two weeks ago a similar action by the Democrats to strip $53 billion taxpayer dollars from Big Oil was also voted down along party lines.

And these same bastards want to cut education funding and everything else in sight that helps ordinary people. Their dishonesty is beyond belief.
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