Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Indexing, Cont'd

From Harper's "Index" for April 2011:
  • Number of US states that have more pigs than people: 3
  • Minimum number of birds that die from crashing into New York City windows each year: 100,000
  • Portion of Singaporeans who live in public housing: 4/5
  • Chance that an American benefits from at least one government antipoverty project: 1 in 6
  • Amount Santa Barbara proposes to spend moving benches to discourage the homeless from panhandling on them: $50,000
  • Amount Massachusetts has allocated since 2000 to decrease class size and increase teacher pay: $1.2 billion
  • Percentage of that allocation that has gone to cover rising health-care costs: 100
  • Chances that an American opposes any cuts to social security, Medicare, or education spending: 6 in 10
  • Average annual income of an Englishman living at the start of the Black Death, adjusted for inflation: $1,300
  • Of a Haitian at the start of the current cholera epidemic: $657
  • Number of militias active in the US in 2007 and in 2010, respectively: 43, 330
  • Number of states that have applied for funding under the 2010 Affordable Health Care Act: 50
  • Number that have joined a lawsuit challenging the act's constitutionality: 26
  • Number of American soldiers who died in combat last year: 455
  • Minimum number who committed suicide: 407
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