Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Promises, Promises

I'm gonna notice these mid-term elections just briefly. I've made the case here before that it makes little difference whom we elect to Congress. That body is so out of touch with what's going on out in this country, so owned by their corporate masters, so irrelevant to the lives of ordinary people . . . I mean, seriously. When is the last time you put your faith in politicians to make your life better? What they can do very well up there in Washington is take care of themselves.

Today's results are coming in as predicted. The Republicans are going to win something on the order of 60 seats in the House, and that consummate weasel John Boehner of Ohio will become speaker of the House. I cannot wait to see what these frauds are going to do now that they've got control. They have no program. They hate government, taxes, and debt. So we're going to see them try their hand again at running things. They did not openly promise to kiss the asses of the Pentagon generals, but that is one promise they will definitely keep. They promise to shrink the size of government. Don't hold your breath on that. They promise to lower taxes. They will take care of the filthy rich by extending the unconscionable Bush tax cuts, and that will be their "cut." They promise to turn back parts of the health care bill. Good luck on that. They promise jobs--that's a complete crock. Politicians are not going to produce jobs. Promises that can't be kept are nonetheless  the warp and woof of the nonsense that passes for politics in the US.
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