Sunday, November 7, 2010

Just One Question . . .

Just be glad it's not a full body shot.
. . . was the deputy male or female? [In point of fact, it doesn't matter.]

The headline on the story says "Man arrested after exposing self to deputy." This incident took place in Dade City, Florida, a place I'm well acquainted with. Used to live in Tampa area. Was there for about 13 years before coming up here to Oklahoma. Florida certainly has their share of nut cases. I understand this guy Marco Rubio that the solid citizens down there just elected senator is a Tea Party guy, which makes his sanity questionable from the get-go. Now, the guy is trying to say he's not a Tea Party dude, but a Republican. Wonder if he thinks this will improve his image in the state, a state that has a surfeit of nut cases.

But I digress. This guy to the right, one Richard M. Garcia of San Antonio, is a transplanted nut case in Florida. He parks in front of court house, no less. Drops his shorts and starts masturbating. Right in front of a [generic] deputy sheriff. Senor Garcia protests his innocence. He's just applying hemorrhoid cream, he says. In fact, it's K-Y Warming Jelly. It will doubtless warm your hearts to know that Senor Garcia is now back out on the streets after posting $150 bail.

One cannot help but wonder about such people. What planet do these people come from?
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