Monday, November 8, 2010

Hypocrisy That Simply Reeks

Listen, I'm not crazy about the candy-assed Democrats who let themselves just get beat to death by the most shameless bunch of hypocrites to disgrace the body politic in a long time. I refer of course to the Republican stalwarts, who just cannot stand it they feel so good about their recent victories in the mid-term elections. Here's why these guys are scumbags. Let's talk about Mitch McConnell, the guy who orchestrated the policy of "no" that the party followed for the first two years of Obama's term. Not a policy really. Just intransigence about cooperating in any way shape or form with the Democrats and the administration.

Well, McConnell, who is minority leader in the Senate, says that banning lawmaker-directed spending projects (earmarks, or more accurately, pork)--they amount to hundreds of billions of dollars over the course of years--will not cut spending "but will only limit the discretion of where to spend the . . . federal budget." It's not "realistic" to cut earmarks, he says.

WHAT?? Cutting billions of dollars in unnecessary spending from the budget won't cut spending?? Does this guy think everybody is as stupid as he appears to be? This is just more Republican bullshit along the very same lines as making the obscene tax cut for the filthy rich permanent because that isn't cutting spending either. Have you heard the latest talking point on this? They have moved off the incredibly false contention that the $700 billion it would cost to extend the cuts is not cutting spending. Now we're told that allowing these cuts to expire would hurt small business, which is nonsense. Or even better, the latest: the money extracted by the government in taxes is not the government's money but the people's money. So goes this impeccably rational argument, the filthy rich should be allowed to keep their money because the government shouldn't take peoples money. Got that?

As I said, I'm no great fan of the Democrats, but I simply retch at the nonsensical blather we're enduring now from those supercilious corporate tools now cawing and crowing all over the media.
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