Thursday, November 4, 2010

We Going to Be Frozen

Just another few thoughts on the elections. (You knew I would not be able to lay off them completely.)
  • Republicans all of sudden think they've been given a mandate. They will not compromise. John Boehner, who sports a beautiful tan from all the corporate-sponsored junkets he takes to golf courses all over the world, says they are speaking for "the American people." It's a crock. People distrust the Republicans more than the Democrats.
  • Mitch McConnell, Senate Republican leader, has said more than once now that the main goal for his party over the next two years is to make sure Obama is a one-term president. Does this sound like the GOP is ready to work with the administration? All that party has is anti-government rhetoric and one platform plank: cut taxes. It's their solution to everything.
  • We are headed for two years of gridlock. Absolutely amazing considering the magnitude of the problems confronting this country. Just you watch: we're going to be frozen. None of the major problems of the country are going to be addressed: energy, the endless losing wars, the economy--do you really think the GOP is going to provide jobs?--environment, oil dependence.
  • Corporations and rich people are delighted with this results of the election. Signals return to their unobstructed running of the government. (The Democrats were just annoying gnats anyway.)
  • Healthcare bill will not be repealed--that was a joke from the beginning, and the GOP knows it--but the Republicans will get all kinds of political capital from the people who don't know any better. There may be some nibbling around the edges of it.
  • Obama will further demonstrate how much of a weakling he is by giving in on the tax breaks for the fabulously wealthy. He will extend the Bush tax cuts, which were obscene to begin with and should have never passed--and don't forget, they would not have without an appreciable number of Democratic votes.
  • The news media will pause for about 2 months before they start pumping up the 2012 presidential election. Just you watch. The only thing these people know how to do with politics is keep score. 
  • Fox News will be even more unbearable now that the GOP has won big-time. I don't watch it ever unless it's on in doctor's office or I see snippets on The Daily Show. Can't take it. It's like watching the Giants' World Series celebration. I couldn't watch that either.
  • Look for an emerging scramble for the Republican party nomination. They're salivating now that they think the country agrees with them. I'm lifting a prayer to the Lord right now that the party won't be able to shake their lunatic Tea Party fringe. Those mindless people are going to be big trouble for them. Think Sarah Palin. Think Rand Paul. Think Glenn Beck.
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