Monday, November 1, 2010

Drape It in Black

It's All Over
Wait till next year. This wasn't the year for my Texas Rangers. They lost the World Series tonight to the San Francisco Giants. They managed to win only one game out of five. I watched tonight more or less numb after a washed-up shortstop named Edgar Renteria* jacked a ball into the left-field seats with two men on after the game had gone six innings with neither team scoring. The Giant pitcher Tim Lincecum was lights out. The Rangers managed only three hits off him all night. I knew after that home run that the Series was over for us.

No excuses. Texas bats just did show up to this World Series. All the big guns were silent. I have to confess to tearing up a bit after the final out. I turned off the TV so I would have to watch the spectacle of the Giants celebrating their victory in the Ballpark in Arlington. Congratulations to them. They outplayed the Rangers, out-pitched the Rangers especially. First win for the franchise since it's been in San Francisco, so nice for them.

But as my son Ben reminds me, the Rangers have a whole new winning attitude, new leadership willing to spend money, and a young, young team with a fat farm system stuffed with great young players. Things look bright for the future.

Now that my bucket list wish to see the Rangers in the World Series has been fulfilled, I'm going to make a new entry. To see the Rangers win the World Series. And this time, I think it's really possible. (Not like the original entry about the Rangers . . . which I never thought possible.)

Only 104 days till pitchers and catchers report for spring training. Go Rangers!

*He hit 3 home runs all year . . . he hit 2 in the World Series.
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