Tuesday, June 15, 2010

What Did You Expect? Honesty?

Would you be astonished if I told you that the BP corporate call-in center for taking calls about the oil spill from all over the world is just a sham operation? Watch the video at this website and then ask yourself if the person giving the interview would have any reason to make up such a story. She's just a hired drudge probably working at or near minimum wage whose job, it turns out, is to cover BP's oily ass. What's in it for her in telling the world that the BP oil spill hot line is nothing but a public relations ploy to make this soulless entity appear to have a conscience? It's becoming increasingly apparent that the giant oil company disregarded safety and other operational procedures to cut costs on Deepwater Horizon drilling operation. So as in so many other cases of corporate malfeasance, greed was the driving force. When did shareholders become the god that determines the fate of the Gulf of Mexico? Well, they always have been, haven't they? They are a god like Yahweh. Singularly jealous of any other gods, such as the common good, public interest, or environmental responsibility. And this god demands horrific sacrifices.

Follow-up I: Keith Obermann interviewed a marine biologist who claims BP is removing damning evidence of their mess: dying or dead wildlife carcasses. Access to fouled beaches and to the spill site in the Gulf has been restricted for some time now. Even aircraft are ordered to come no lower than 3,000 feet over the devastation, far too high to get pictures that might further erode BP's corporate image, what's left of it.
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