Monday, June 21, 2010

I'm Just Having a Blast Today

. . . thinking about Susan and my trip to New York City tomorrow. Although well into my 60s, and not a person who's been a stay-in-one-place guy, I have never been to NYC. I'm finding that rather incredible now as I'm spending hours scoping out everything there is to see and do on Manhattan Island--let alone the boroughs, which we won't even see, except for a ball game at Citi Field. (Cannot go to a major league town without seeing a major league game. It's just not done.) I don't think time will allow for us to go to the Botanic Garden in Brooklyn--that's a next time visit--what with all the other things to see. Museums especially: the MoMA, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Guggenheim. Eating, of course, and just soaking in a magnificent city. I can tell already from all the poking around about New York that I've done on the Web today, that I'm just going to love this place. We're leaving tomorrow, and we'll be back next Monday. I've scheduled blog entries for the next several days, but I don't think I'll have all the days covered. I might miss a couple, if I don't find something engaging to put up there between now and shutting down time.

Update I: Driven idiot that I am, I did find enough to cover all the missing days. See ya for real when I'm back next Monday.
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