Saturday, June 12, 2010

Catastrophe: Counting the Murder of the Gulf

Posted on the upper right of this blog is a grim abacus. I intend to leave it up there until BP completely shuts down the flow of oil into the Gulf. Which is at least 75 days from now.

And like the counter itself, that's the best case scenario.* I don't have the heart to adjust the slider on the gadget to reflect a higher discharge of oil, which according to many experts, is actually the case. You can do that yourself if you wish. But it seems to me that we will have pretty well killed the Gulf of Mexico, and I don't know what else, by the time they finally plug this damn thing up. God help us all.

*I'm sure there must be all kinds of quibbles large and small with the tool itself. But the counter is not the problem, so quibble with it if you want. The fact remains that a ginormous quantity of oil, which is murderous to marine life, is entering the Gulf of Mexico every single hour of every single day.
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