Friday, March 19, 2010

While Rome Burned . . .

According to the tale, Nero played his lyre while Rome burned. It's become the standard image for ignoring the problem and filling up precious rescue time with frivolity. Here in the dying empire we're doing the same exact thing. Here's James Kuntsler last Monday:

      This disintegrating nation is woefully distracted by Web 2.0, iPads, Avatar movies, Facebook, and the idiot celebrity spectacles of TV, not to mention the disasters of job loss, foreclosure, medical extortion, bankruptcy, corporate loot-ocracy, and the squandered moments of politics. We know we have to go somewhere.  We know that something like history is leaving us behind. We have no idea how to get to a new place. And we're spending most of our mental energy gaping into the rear-view mirror, which is the last place to look for your destination.

I'm a Nero a lot of the time. Who among us doesn't have several lyres?
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