Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Drill, Baby, Drill!

I'm wondering if we elected a closet Republican in 2008. Barrack Obama claims to be a progressive Democrat, but he's giving an excellent job of mimicking a GOP president. Latest is the news this morning that he has decided to permit offshore oil drilling along the Atlantic and Gulf coasts--from Delaware to Florida. And more Alaskan coastline, too. This decision, of course, runs contrary to what he said during the presidential campaign. But then Obama the president has hardly resembled Obama the candidate for president.

This move appears to be yet another overture to the Republican party, a strategy that for the entire length of Obama's presidency has proven singularly barren. If there's any silver lining to this decision, it's that right on cue, the Republican party goes ballistic. John Boehner blasted the plan as not going far enough. You know, the GOP might be something to worry about if it ever grew a brain. Remember the rallying cry during the campaign from the McCain crowds: Drill, baby, drill! Well, Obama is saying to the oil barons here's 167 million acres of ocean you can drill, babies, drill . . . and it ain't enough for the Republicans. Good. Let them holler and scream some more about this latest Obama cave to the right. It just makes them look ridiculous to oppose their own ideas.
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