Friday, March 5, 2010

Let's Have Another, Right in the Chops

Have you all seen reports that the Administration is about to reverse field on whether that jewel of terrorist captives, Khalid Sheikh Mohammad--you know, the guy in the torn tea shirt wearing a bear skin, him--on whether this guy and all of his 9/11 plotter cohorts are going to be tried in the civilian justice system or if he's going to be handed over to a military tribunal. The White House is sending out strong signals that it's going to be the latter, and to hell with the constitutional niceties. So much for the much-vaunted "rule of law."

What??? How many betrayals is this now? I've lost count of the receding Obama has done from the bright promise of change he trumpeted a hundred times a day during the campaign that convinced people like me--a grizzled and natural skeptic about the trust we can place in politicians. I've done enough hand-wringing about what a mistake it was to let myself be so deluded, but really, this guy makes me sick. What aspiration, what hope did the left entertain when Obama took office just a little over a year ago that he has not dashed? 

And why this change of heart? Why this latest slap across the jowls of the people who made him president. Why, for all the usual reasons. He feels a compelling need to suck up to his critics again, the frigging Republicans and other conservatives. That's why.

Never mind that these kinds of legal decisions are not made by the White House. It's a Justice Department decision, but none of that seems to matter anymore. Principles and what's the right thing to do don't seem to matter at all anymore. The only honorable course for Attorney General Eric Holder is to resign. He's going to be publicly dissed if this happens.
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