Sunday, September 13, 2009

A-Rod Skates

The New York Times reports today that baseball--that is, the corporate colossus that pays outrageous sums of money to people to play a boy's game and charges even more outrageous sums of money for us poor schmucks who love baseball to attend the games--has decided it's not going to probe any further into the past shenanigans of Alex Rodriguez. Further. That is beyond the three years, 2001-2003 that A-Rod himself has bracketed as the time he admits to using steroids. But, it may have been longer than that. And that's what "baseball" is not going to poke into. Baseball, in this case, is office of the commissioner of the game, a former owner, Bud Selig. A loathsome creature who has done more to harm the game of baseball during his tenure as commissioner than anybody else I can think of. This is just the latest. The bosses don't want any more about steroid use. They've heard enough of it. Because every time the subject comes up, it's a reminder of how they let steroid use run wild through the game in the 1990s and early 21st century, and how they helped screw the record books up, cheat the fans, and destroyed the game's integrity. All for filthy lucre. As long as it made them money, the owners didn't give a shit. For those of us who love the game, Rodriguez's numbers will never be anything but tainted. The only question at issue here is how many years more than three he cheated.
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