Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Check It Out

My daughter turned me on to a blog I didn't know about today: Manifesto Joe's Texas Blues. Only a few entries convinced me that I should at the very least list him under "Politics" blogs I've pointed to here in Powderfinger. Apparent this patriot also lived in Oklahoma for a time, so he knows as few do, what it's like to live in the heart of the red beast. But he joins a long and lengthening list of blogs I wish I had the time to be reading every day. As it is I can dip and swoop over this ocean of good stuff like a pelican, coming up from the dive with a tasty morsel. A Truth Tell: Even the ones I've labeled "I Never Miss . . . ," I sometimes miss.

And then there's this magnificent site. My sister told me about this. This is what computers are really for. What the Internet can do. If we listened to the better angels of our nature, the Net could be fashioned into the greatest teaching tool ever invented. Think of what could be done if only have the energy spent on standing up junk and porn, were spent instead on constructing apps to help us learn. So much for the hopelessly idealistic aside. If you know about Google Earth, this is akin. It's Microsoft Universe, although that's not what it's called. I've just begun to explore it, and to so so thoroughly would take several days, I think. But I've seen enough of this place to know that it is one of the classic internet sites that's going to show up on everybody's list of Best Sites. Check it out.
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