Thursday, September 3, 2009

Of Course It's Criminal

Of course it's a crime to address the nation's schoolkids and urge them to study and stay in school. Hell, all you have to do is get a load of the uproar that the Republicans are raising about the president's plans to make such an address next week. You would think this would not be controversial. But, no, you would be wrong. Some schools across the country are refusing to show the address at all because of protests by parents and administrators.

Wingnuts in Oklahoma are raving about it. Here's some clips from the story about this:

"I just don't think that my child should be forced to watch the president," said parent Kimberly Martin.
KTOK radio host Mark Shannon and a slew of supporters said superintendents across the state should refuse to show the speech
They said they fear the President's plan is to brainwash students with his ideologies.
"If they won't pull the plug on it, pull your kids out of school on September 8th. Just write them a note. Tell them they have socialist swine flu," Shannon said.
Many parents parked outside an Oklahoma City elementary school  agreed schools should have another option for students who will not be watching Tuesday's speech per their parent's request. 
"There's too many things that he's doing that don't agree with America right now," said parent Diana Pierce. 

Brainwashing? You must be kidding. Oh, no. We're not kidding. No less than the chairman of the Florida Republican party says Obama is attempting to "indoctrinate America's children to his socialist agenda." Oh, good grief, man! Have you been in the sun too long?

Let's be precise about what Obama is going to say in his brief remarks. According to the Sec of Education, the president will "challenge students to work hard, set educational goals and take responsibility for their learning. He will also call for a shared responsibility and commitment on the part of students, parents and educators to ensure that every child in every school receives the best education possible so they can compete in the global economy for good jobs and live rewarding and productive lives as American citizens."

Now, this is pretty frigging subversive, isn't it? Friends, I am really beginning to weary of these nutcases. Really weary. What planet are these people inhabiting? And I'm finding it increasingly difficult to believe that people could be this terrified of a black man in the White House. I honestly think this race thing is not far from the surface in all this exaggerated terror that Obama stirs up. I've read some of the remarks people make on Facebook about Obama and I have to pinch myself to believe what I'm seeing.

And you think you'd hear some stern protest from the Republican leadership about the behavior of these people, wouldn't you? This is one of the most despicable aspects of this whole thing. Indeed, for the last six months, you have the top Republicans in the country doing absolutely nothing to blunt these absurd and increasingly hysterical attacks on the man who was elected by a vast majority of the people not even a year ago. I have to confess that this just makes me more disgusted with the whole damn lot of them.
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