Monday, September 14, 2009

Beyond Silly

FBI crime statistics are out today. Lots of Gee Whiz numbers on the news tonight, how rapes are down, murders are down. Yippee! What they don't report, though, are some appalling numbers about drug busts. Last year somebody got arrested on a drug charge every 18 seconds. This translates to "1,702,537 drug arrests in 2008, 82.3 percent . . . for simple possession of a contraband substance. Nearly half, 44 percent, were for possession of marijuana." Somebody was arrested for pot every 37 seconds in 2008.

You've really got to be kidding me. The report doesn't say how much this costs us taxpayers every year--and don't forget to factor in the courts and the incarceration expenses. It has to astronomical.

When is somebody going to clue these people that this country's drug policy is patently insane?
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