Sunday, August 30, 2009

Where Ya Been?

Hey Cindy, where ya been? Haven't seen you for a while. Glad to see that you're back doing the right thing. This is Cindy Sheehan we're talking about here, a visible and outspoken opponent of the Iraq War during the Bush presidency. Since Obama's election, she's been rather quiet. But with the president on vacation at Martha's Vineyard, and wars still raging in both Iraq and Afghanistan, she's visible again. She rightly calls a spade a spade. Though the facade has changed and Obama was elected on a platform against the wars, nothing has changed. In fact, the war in Afghanistan has been escalated," she said, pointing out the obvious: that it doesn't matter which party's in power in Washington. The policy of the country doesn't change.

And is anybody else irritated that Obama is beginning to resemble a fat cat? Vacationing at the toney environs of Cape Cod and now playing golf, the sport of fat cats. He didn't used to play golf. Meanwhile the goddamned wars drag on. And nobody really seems to care. So raise hell, Cindy! I'm with you.
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