Thursday, August 20, 2009

Please Make It Stop

Oh, how I dearly wish this healthcare nightmare were over and done with. I'm sick of it. Tired of it. I wish that Obama would get his little meaningless legislation passed now and have his little signing ceremony in the Rose Garden surrounded by all the smiling tools of Pharma, insurance, and hospital companies. You know, those people whose interests are going to be protected through our "reform" of healthcare.

This whole thing is going worse than I thought possible. Worse because the president refuses to get out there and fight for something he promised us. This is the most devastating attack on Obama by a Democrat that I've yet encountered. And, sad to say, I found myself reading it and agreeing. In fact, there was nothing in this fairly lengthy piece that I can honestly say I disagree with, from "Obama is turning to be a disastrous president," to
Suffice it to say that both the insurance and pharmaceutical industries are now spending hundreds of millions of dollars running ads on television in favor of healthcare "reform". I can hardly think of a handier or more pure litmus test for determining whether this is good legislation or not. If those guys are for it, and especially if they're spending millions to make it happen, it's a very safe bet that I'm against it. And if those industries are for it, it's a very safe bet that the deal is they get rich and we get nothing. Except maybe poor. And sick.


In exchange for their political support, our 'socialist' president secretly promised the pharmaceutical and insurance industries that their costs under any new legislation would be capped at $80 and $155 billion, respectively, over ten years time. In short - nickels and dimes.
I truly, truly want to be focused on something else besides this absurd charade of reform effort, where the guy who promised us reform is curled up in bed with Republicans and the corporations. Am I to assume that Obama and all those smart people around him are suddenly going to decide they are actually going to deliver what they promised? That would get me to stop going on about this. But every day seems to bring anger and frustration by another progressive before my eyes.

Or something else, like this, that simply confirms all over for me that the American people are deluded and ignorant people. Hey I've got an idea, let's bar Republicans from the reforms. They have such a great problem with reform, screw 'em and their families too. Let's pass the law so it only applies to people who aren't Republicans. How does that sound?
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