Sunday, August 23, 2009

Goons on the Loose

OK. I've been silent about this long enough. Just what in the hell is up with these morons coming to health care meetings and presidential town hall meetings packing weapons? My first impression when I saw this on TV was: what the hell are these idiots doing? What are they trying to prove? That's been over a week ago, well over a week, and I still don't get it. I have the same questions.

Let's think about this for a minute. Seriously. Just why would somebody go out in public with an assault rifle slung across his shoulder or either alternatively or additionally with a holstered weapon on their thigh? Is it to make a statement about the 2nd Amendment? Dudes, we already know the Supreme Court in its folly has blessed the notion of individual gun ownership as a constitutional right. Are you trying to scare somebody? Well, you might just be succeeding there. It causes me to reflect upon the fact that there are hundreds of thousands of similar idiots as yourselves out there, armed to the teeth. This indeed is scary. Is it to make a statement that if political decisions don't comport with your ideas,  you gonna start shooting? Well, maybe. And that would simply confirm that you need psychiatric care.

Turns out these clowns--at least the ones spotted in Arizona and New Hampshire--are members of a far-right militia called We The People. We've been down this road before. Remember the crazies in the '90s running around in cami's out in the woods? Same, same. These guys. And what are they all about? Freedom, of course. Aren't they all? We The People exists to fight a government that "continues to systematically plunder our People's wealth, ignore constitutional checks and balances and destroy the last vestiges of Freedom."

It's difficult for me to believe that people can think Obama is ignoring the Constitution after eight years of the vile little pretender formerly in the White House. But these sentiments, brothers and sisters, are what have the goons all stirred up. Makes you wonder just what degree of separation exists between them and the screechers and screamers in the town hall meetings.
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