Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Mad Hatters--Every One

What is a sane person to make of all these so-called tea parties? Hundreds of them. All over the country. Stirred up by the right wing nuts of radio and Fox news to protest government spending and the Obama budget. And, get this: Obama's tax plan to get more out of the hugely wealthy and cut the taxes of 95 percent of Americans. Have you got that? Thousands of Republicans, assorted nut cases, and Obama-haters are out on the streets raising hell because the government, in their judgment, is spending too much money. Give me a frigging break!! And why is the government spending "too much money"? Because it is desperately trying to undo what the vile little pretender to the presidency did to this country during his 8 years in office.

The rampant illogic of it all is just stunning. Where were all these people when that miserable little pretender was spending us into oblivion on his war in Iraq and his war in Afghanistan and his multi-billion dollar give-away to the pharmaceutical companies with the prescription drug bill and his tax cuts for the richest people in the country? Where were all of these protesters when Bush paid for his wars off-budget in special appropriations bills? Where were these people when the Bush administration ran up the greatest deficits in the history of the Republic?

I'll tell you where they were. They were sitting on their asses in their smug little houses enveloped in the cloud of self-satisfaction, oblivious to all of the crimes being perpetrated in their names, all the while telling themselves that the little idiot in the White House was their friend. When in actuality the little idiot in White House befriended only the super rich. Those were the only people benefiting from his reign. And make no mistake about it. These very same people grin from ear-to-ear while all this goes on. Because they're still rich, and thousands of their ignorant lackeys are out on the streets helping them get richer.
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