Sunday, April 12, 2009

Give the SOBs What They Deserve

Back when I was in graduate school eons ago, David Broder of The Washington Post was even then a grey eminence in political commentary. I remember having to read a forgettable book by the guy for a political science class. I really haven't read him since, mostly because I find him a colossal bore and next mostly because I don't agree with his ill-disquised establishment (read: middle-of-the-road vanilla Republican) viewpoint. I'm certainly not alone in the latter judgment. Witness this piece from Crooks and Liars taking Broder to task for siding with what seems to me to be the majority voice on whether to prosecute the criminals of the Bush administration. That counsel runs something like this: there's nothing to be gained by punishing the people who brought us illegal spying on American citizens, torture, unlawful wire-tapping, a war of agression in Iraq, back-breaking budget deficits, the largest gap between rich and poor in fifty years, and on and on. We should just forget about all that stuff and move on. "We are better off focusing on cleaning up the policies and practices for the future than trying to settle scores for past actions," Broder says.

Well, I hope that somebody up in our Democratic administration takes time out from his busy schedule to "settle scores" (what in normal language would be "administer justice") with the plethora of criminals from the Bush administration, who like the fat cats of Wall Street are just waltzing away back to their more than comfortable lives as if they had nothing to with trashing the entire country and its constitutional liberties and safeguards. One wonders what sort of crimes Mr. Broder would find repugnant enough to prosecute. I, for one, am for hunting these bastards down with dogs, if that's what it takes. The monumental crimes that have been perpetrated on the American people for the past eight years . . . and not a single indictment, nobody in jail, nobody being humiliated for the dastardly deeds of what can only be described as a rogue administration. When are the American people going to get justice?
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