Thursday, April 23, 2009

Joklahoma: A Continuing Series

At least I don't have to report that the absurd bill passed by the Oklahoma legislature, a bill that would have made it a crime to conduct any kind of stem cell research whatsoever in the state, had actually become law in the state. News just out says that Governor Brad Henry's veto of this clunker bill was sustained by the Oklahoma Senate. The House had already voted to override the veto. So what it came down to was this: by six votes the state of Oklahoma avoided making itself once again abundantly ridiculous in the eyes of the world.

The worst part of having to live here--otherwise, not nearly as bad as you might think--is being identified with the dangerously ideological conservatives that run this state and their hordes of bubble-brained acolytes that comprise the electorate. It amounts to a statewide pathology, actually. Sometimes, like now, you can detect a glimmer of sanity. But it's always transitory.
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