Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Winging to Where It's Warm

Well, faithful readers, I have to take leave of you for about a week. I trust you'll check back in when I get back from the little trip the wife and I embark upon later on today. We're winging down to sunny Florida to see our sons and a bunch of old friends we left there when we moved to Oklahoma a couple of years ago. Good time to be going. Tonight here in OK, this enlightened land, we had a pretty hail, wind, and rain storm. Oh, yeah, spring's coming to Oklahoma.

I debated what's the best thing to leave you with. Tell you the truth, I have no great thoughts at the moment. I haven't even watched the Obama "60 Minutes" interview with Steve Croft yet. So I cannot comment on something that millions of people know about already.

Leave 'em laughing, they say. But I've got nothing particularly funny for you either. So leave 'em with music is the next best thing. Here's how you know when you're really getting old: you look down a current list of the top ten songs in any genre, and you don't recognize anybody. I have to tell you that one of the few TV programs that I just never miss is "Austin City Limits." This is a PBS show that's been going strong for 34 years. That puts it in the same class as "60 Minutes," heady company. Not only does ACL let me hear bands and singers I know--I saw Van Morrison not long ago--it exposes me to bands I'd never hear of otherwise, like a repeat show like night before last. A band called "Los Lonely Boys." Three brothers + two and, for a couple of songs, their dad. Wouldn't it be great to a be a family band? It was Texican stuff, and good.

Meantime here's a clip of another band I discovered on ACL. Enjoy. See ya in a week. Keep the faith!

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