Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Crazy as He Is

Here are suggestions for the Obama administration from Noam Chomsky. I endorse every one. I guess that makes me as crazy as he is.

Cut Pentagon funding by the same amount that's expected to be distributed for economic recovery.

That means, decommissioning every military base abroad, ending all Hessian-style private contracts, ending all armaments contracts that enable foreign adventures, and rationalizing the military and civilian staff.

Shift the vast resources freed up by these and similar measures to eliminate all the pointless exercises in futility and misery that America has wrought to rebuilding America in the areas of public transportation, a single-payer health care system, and education, particularly vocational.

These things will raise the level of productive rather than destructive economic activity that is the hallmark of our current situation.

And the banks should not be treated as too big to fail. No company should be treated as too big to fail. No government department should be treated as too big to fail.
These suggestions headed a fairly lengthy article about American foreign policy, the upshot of which is Obama is not going to change much of anything in that arena except maybe tone.
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